Wednesday, September 2, 2009

lighting analysis

The lighting evaluation chart:
As a group we chose the lounge on the second floor of the arts building. This room is primarily used for studying, reading, or to just take a break and relax. However, the lighting in this space is not very sufficient, we actually found the lighting to be kind of distracting. The track lighting created obscured views of the space as well as obscured the view of the objects in the space. The lighting creates unwanted shadows that make it hard to see when trying to do work. Since there are no windows in this space allowing very little to no natural light, we think that there should be a better artificial light source to allow proper working abilities. This lounge is primarily a public space, but is not very large, it is sort of a small, quiet space to get away.
As a whole we think the space is very boring. There isn’t enough seating or lounge space, keeping the space from being used to its fullest potential. The space feels cold and uninviting. The lighting in the space does not help the situation either, it’s primarily task lighting with cold light bulbs.

Below are some pictures we took to show the lighting present in the room:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

inspirational lighting

After searching online, I came across many inspiring pieces and places where the lighting was used in a very powerful way. I will refer back to these images throughout the course and use them as inspiration.
I liked the pattern used on this light, it would create very interesting reflection when it was turned on.
lighting walls
I thought the use of light in this room was very innovative and seamless.
ERCO Terrace  Universalthema
Although I am not very into colored lighting, the use of this lighting and the colors is amazing. It adds so much to this outdoor area and sets a playful yet sophisticated mood.
ERCO Bar  Universalthema
The lighting behind the bar is intense, but I believe it works, with a simple room it adds interest to that wall. I also enjoy the shadows that are cast on the floor, good contrast.
The pattern on the roof is intricate and cast a unique shadow when it is hit by sunlight.